Tuesday, 3 October 2017

America, You're Wasting Our Time

We all know someone who’s overly dramatic. They carry on like everything is about them and they are powerless to overcome the incessant shit show they have in their lives. They suck the oxygen out of every conversation as they wax lyrical about how they have such a bad time of things, they’re pretty sure nothing is their fault and they don’t believe they will ever get a break.

America, I’m talking about you.

I’m fucking done with your mass shootings. I don’t care if you think this is unsympathetic – it takes a real friend to tell you that your shit is fucked up and it’s about time you got it together.

I refuse to be sucked in to the stories about Las Vegas. Refuse. I won’t read about the tragic human story where someone called someone to say goodbye and they got shot… by legally attained automatic weapons. I won’t read about the gunman and his befuddled family who have no idea how this could have happened. I won’t read about how this incident has been portrayed in the media depending on the assailant’s race or how the scale of it pales in comparison to how many people died in Syria/Myanmar/Yemen today. I won’t read about politicians sending ‘thoughts and prayers’ despite having taken money from the NRA and I won’t read about how this event has been overly politicised by opportunists on both sides.

I won’t change my fucking Facebook profile frame to urge others to pray for the City of Sin, even for the excellent irony. Despite how brilliant it is, I won’t re-watch Jim Jefferies’ take on American gun laws, nor feel the familiar swell of Aussie pride when I remember that we haven’t had a mass shooting since 1996 thanks to gun buy back laws. I won’t do any of this because I’ve done it all before, every single bloody time, and I’m fucking over it.

It shits me that on average we have to listen to this endless and repetitive diatribe every 64 days. It drives me mental that everything becomes about you – that real news gets swallowed up by events so utterly predictable that you would be insane to think that it won’t happen again. And don’t go off crying to your politicians - you have allowed your democratic system to be bought by special interest/lobby groups and corporations who have paid your politicians to stop gun laws from changing. It really is as simple as that… so what are you going to do about it?

You know what you need to do? I’m going to give you the same advice I’d give an overly dramatic friend: Go to therapy and find some answers. Don’t fucking sit here and complain about what you permit – go out and make positive and brave choices. That is if you really want to change – otherwise you can try reading this again in another 64 days through your tears. It’s your choice – go out and make it. Because until then, we’re fucking done.

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