Tuesday, 13 August 2013

An open letter to Tanya Plibersek - why I'm not voting Labor

Hi Tanya,

On so many levels, I'm disappointed in the Labor party's stance on gay marriage. I spoke with you about this in person at the Rozelle Markets some years ago. I am incredibly disappointed that Julia Gillard didn't introduce the bill (and I thought that she was our best shot at getting this across the line). Now Kevin Rudd is playing politics by promising a bill, but not stipulating that it won't be a conscience vote that is defeated just like the last 2 bills. It's sneaky and disingenuous. 

I will not be voting for Labor at the upcoming election. I really wanted to vote for you because I think you have been an outstanding minister, a strong performer in the media, and I have followed your progress closely over the years. However Labor's stance on gay marriage, asylum seekers and the environment leaves me cold and I will be voting for the Greens. I also despise Kevin Rudd only slightly less than I despise Tony Abbott, and I can't support a party that supports him.

It saddens me because I think you do a lot for your community, but I cannot support the Labor Party. No matter how much I want Abbott to stay in the political wilderness.

I sincerely hope that Labor starts listening to the left again rather than listing to the right. It's horrible to watch the politics of fear and power dominate the policies of our two major parties. Gillard may have had her faults but at least she had vision and conviction - I respected her so much for that.

Yours in hope,


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